Who is Eligible for Medicaid?

Low-income individuals and families who fit into select eligibility groups
as recognized by federal and state law, including:
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children and Teenagers
  • Individuals 65 and older
  • Individuals leaving welfare
  • Individuals who may be blind and/or disabled
  • Individuals/families with high medical bills that cannot be paid (must also meet other Medicaid eligibility)
  • Families with children under the age of 18 as well as limited income and resources

If your family member does not qualify for Medicaid but wishing to remain in their home to get support services?

Nevada Best PCA is also certified provider with other Medicaid Waiver Programs, which allows patients to have incomes up to 300% of the SSI level though there is some patient liability for waiver services when the income is over 200% of SSI.

Nevada has several waivers including:

  • HCBW For Persons with, physical Disabilities
  • HCBW For Persons With,┬áMR and Related,┬áConditions
  • Assisted Living
  • Frail Elderly

The Average Cost of Care

The cost of non-medical home care varies depending on where you live and the amount of care you will need. The best way to budget for home care is to determine the number of hours you will need per week. Feel free to take our free online needs assessment to evaluate your needs and the number of hours you may require.

Insurances Accepted