Of course, your aging parent’s physician cannot write a prescription to cure their isolation and loneliness. Overcoming these emotional challenges can be difficult for seniors, especially if they live alone. As seniors age, they often lose touch with others due to special circumstances that limit their ability to travel, drive a car or otherwise stay connected to family and friends.
Nevada Best PCA monitor and protect a senior’s safety, health and wellness, handle everyday household tasks—and provide much-needed social interaction. Elderly companions meet an aging parent’s social needs by providing supportive conversation, helping to plan social outings and providing a little friendly encouragement to do light exercise and stay mentally active.

We will help you

General companionship and conversation

Cooking and sharing meals

Help with your weekly shopping

Joining in with your favourite hobbies

Help with general domestic tasks

Help with travel arrangements

Private clients only

Driving you where you would like to go

Private clients only

Arranging and accompanying you to and from appointments

Private clients only

We enable your elderly parents or family members with disabilities to enjoy peace of mind. Our caregivers are trained and professional. Rest easy, safety is our number one priority.